Space Exploration & Earth Monitoring

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The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering Space Exploration and Earth Monitoring discipline supports multiple faculty and research labs that are creating space technologies and advanced mission concepts to enable new missions and capabilities in robotic and human space exploration.

Faculty in this area focus individually and together on developing space flight applications, technologies, and projects that are broadening the scope of space research . We use modern engineering tools including mission design methodologies, systems engineering, additive manufacturing, simulation, optimization, sensing, estimation and control to propose, participate in, and operate space flight missions that conduct space science and demonstrate new technologies.

In addition to active collaborations with experts from other Georgia Tech  academic and research institutes, the AE Space Systems faculty are deeply supported by many governmental and private sponsors, including NASA, the US Air Force, and the National Science Foundation. Our faculty's collective expertise in AI, machine learning, and human factors gives undergraduate and graduate students from diverse academic backgrounds a solid entry point into the study of cutting-edge space travel and planetary exploration.