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Our vision for the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech is one of a compact community of scholars, expert support staff, and dedicated students, each acting in a partnership with the faculty members of other Georgia Tech schools, university administration, industry and government leaders to best carry out our mission. We see ourselves as: 

  1. Constituting a School dedicated to excellence in all we do,
  2. Preeminent in aerospace engineering education,
  3. Instilling in our students a sense of responsibility for ethical practice and of concern for the environment,
  4. Leading the wider aerospace community with advances in the sub-disciplines in which we concentrate,
  5. Adapting to changes in societal needs so that the education we provide and advances in knowledge.


The mission of the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering is threefold:

  1. To provide capable, motivated, and well-prepared students with an aerospace engineering education of the highest quality, that will enable them to reach their maximum potential in a technological world;
  2. To significantly advance knowledge, its applications and integration in aerospace related disciplines; and
  3. To serve the larger communities of which we are a part:  the nation and the State of Georgia.


We dedicate ourselves to:

  1. Making our educational program inspirational, nurturing of creativity, and such that the best young people aspiring to contribute to the aerospace engineering enterprise and to rise to positions of leadership, whether in industry, government or academia, will seek to study in our School.
  2. Creating a learning and working environment attractive to all who can profit from studying with us; one that eases transition to college life for entrants and facilitates continuing life-long learning for professionals.
  3. Building a School whose physical environment -- facilities, equipment, offices, classrooms and laboratories - and quality of essential services encourage the accomplishment of all of our goals and make for a pleasant and personally rewarding workplace.
  4. Making the activities of our School and the way we conduct them such that colleagues from other universities and our counterparts in industry and government laboratories will routinely come to interact with us, to discuss the aerospace field's:
    1. exciting new opportunities
    2. problems and new methods for their solution
    3. constantly evolving content and delivery of courses
    4. research that is both at the cutting edge and applicable to satisfying societal needs.
  5. Performing our chosen instructional, research and service tasks so as to strengthen Georgia Tech, both by our contributions as an individual school and through our support of and collaboration with other components of the Georgia Tech family.
  6. Rising to relevant opportunities to productively cross traditional disciplinary lines, and to eliminating barriers to interdisciplinary cooperation in aerospace matters.
  7. Acting, in all things, so as to recognize that the ethnic, racial and gender distribution of our national workplace is changing, and that a faculty, staff and student body whose constituents reflect this diversity will better prepare graduates to take their places in its midst.
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