the aerial view, ae school newsletter

If you're not subscribed to the AErial View, you're missing out...

The AErial View is a weekly e-newsletter delivered to the email box of all students enrolled in the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering each Monday during the academic year. It's a one-stop news source, where we collect information from diverse sources, and give you links that you can use to get things done, make deadlines, and stay informed. It's our way of cutting down on the number of emails you get...we're putting it all into one weekly email newsletter.

If you do not receive it in your email by the end of the first week of classes, check your junk email filter or send the Communications Office an email.

What will you find?

  • Upcoming Deadlines for AE-themed Internships & Co-ops
  • Calendar Downloads for Special AE Lectures and School Events
  • Jobs - Application Deadlines, Info Sessions, and Contacts for Jobs That Are Here and Around the World
  • Deadline and Information for Fellowships and Scholarships Offered for Aerospace Engineers
  • Dates and Times for Your Colleagues' Dissertation Defenses and Proposals
  • News that Matters to the AE School Community 
group of students proudly standing with their rockets from AE 1601