Suresh Menon

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Professor Menon joined Flow Industries, Kent, Washington, as a research scientist, and in 1988, became a senior scientist and program manager for the computational fluid dynamics group in Quest Integrated, Inc. (formerly called Flow Research, Inc.). At Quest, Menon led research teams in various research projects such as the active control of combustion instability in ramjet engines, supersonic mixing studies, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft fluid dynamics, and hypersonic reentry problems. In 1992, he joined Georgia Institute of Technology as an associate professor and became a professor in 1997. He is currently the Hightower Professor of Engineering in Georgia Tech. Professor Menon is a world renowned expert in large-eddy simulation of turbulent reacting and non-reacting flows and has developed unique simulation capabilities to study pollutant formation, ozone depletion in high-altitude aircraft jet plumes and combustion in gas turbine and ramjet engines. He has been (and is currently) a principal investigator for a wide range of research projects funded by NASA, Department of Energy, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Office of Naval Research, Defense Threat Reduction Agency. His work has been (and is also) supported by many industries including General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Solar Turbines, Boeing, Safran (France), Hyundai (S. Korea), JAXA (Japan), IHI (Japan) and Rocketdyne-Aerojet. He has published and/or presented over 395 papers. Professor Menon is a Fellow of AAAS, Associate Fellow of AIAA, and a member of the American Physical Society, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Combustion Institute and the Sigma Xi. He is a peer reviewer for numerous archival journals, NASA, NSF, DoD and DOE research proposals.


Experimental and computational fluid mechanics, including:

  • Direct and large-eddy simulations (LES) of turbulent combustion
  • Subgrid modeling for two-phase turbulent reacting flows
  • Two-level simulations and wake studies in highly turbulent flows
  • LES and reduced basis modeling of combustion instability in liquid-fueled rocket engines
  • Shock-to-detonation transition (DDT) in condensed phase energetic materials
  • Multi-phase blast modeling with reactive metal particles
  • Agent defeat simulations of dense clouds of nano particles or aerosols
  • Experimental and computational studies of supersonic combustion


  • Computational Combustion Laboratory (CCL)

  • Ben T. Zinn Combustion Laboratory


  • Propulsion & Combustion

  • Aerodynamics & Fluid Mechanics

AE Multidisciplinary Research Areas:

  • Large-Scale Computations, Data, and Analytics

  • Sustainable Transportation and Energy Systems


B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, 1976, Indian Institute of Technology; M.S., Aeronautical Engineering, 1978, Indian Institute of Technology; Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, 1984, University of Maryland;

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