SAESAC's For Students, By Students Lecture Series

Thu Feb 25 2021 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
An Introduction to AGI’s System Tool Kit (STK)

The School of Aerospace Engineering Student Advisory Council invites you to


"For Students, By Students"


An Introduction to to AGI’s
System Tool Kit (STK)




Ulises Eduardo Núñez Garzón 

Ph.D. Student, GT-AE
Space Systems Design Lab


Thursday, February 25
11am - 12pm (EST)

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About the Speaker
Ulises Eduardo Núñez Garzón is a PhD student at the Space Systems Design Lab at Georgia Tech. Ulises’ research interests are in the areas of astrodynamics and spacecraft guidance, navigation, and control (GN&C). His current work encompasses applications of probability theory and quasi-random number sequence generation to spaceflight mechanics, specifically, in the context of the dynamics of spacecraft relative motion. He also has been a TA for Space Senior Design for 2.5 years. 

About the Topic
This event will be an introduction to AGI’s System Tool Kit (STK), a software used to model and simulate spacecraft orbits and trajectories. This lecture will include an overview of all of STK’s capabilities for space applications.

About the Series
For Students, By Students" is a new initiative of SAESAC for the student community to engage in gaining new knowledge and to familiarize with frequently used tools. The FSBS lecture series will focus on sharing minor technical skills/knowledge across to students from undergraduate to graduate level that can be utilized in coursework and/or research. Each lecture in this series will be developed and delivered by a graduate student with considerable experience in that area, tailored to AE applications. These lectures will have a new topic every month, based on the suggestions by students. Fill out this form to select/request topics -