The Aerospace Engineering School and Georgia Tech Confront COVID-19

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mark Costello
Mark Costello
AE Chair

The AE Faculty and Staff Are Still Working for You

A message to AE students
To lessen the chances of spreading COVID-19, the USG has ordered all schools in the system (including Georgia Tech) to transition to online course instruction for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. That means, with few exceptions, all faculty and staff will be working remotely (from home), using email, cellphones and other technology to teach classes and to interact with each other and with you. That also means that you will complete coursework remotely, using technology that will be introduced to you after Spring Break. Please make yourself available to learn that technology the week of March 23 so that all classes can go online on March 30.

You are not alone

We encourage you to reach out, using the methods described below. Ask questions. Resolve issues. Seek advice. All of the reasons you had before are just as valid now; you'll just need to use new technology to connect with us. We are still working. And your future is still our number one goal.


Connect with Georgia Tech COVID-19 Resources

The main page for Georgia Tech COVID-19 Updates is
Any and all emergencies should always be reported to the Georgia Tech Police Department: 404.894.2500

In addition, you might want to visit:

Connect with the AE School

A Message on Class Registration

This message comes from Prof. Stephen Ruffin, associate chair for  the Undergraduate Program.

Registration begins March 23.

In Summer 2020, please note that the following course is added to our usual set of offerings:

  • AE 6355 Planetary Entry, Descent, and Landing

AE Options courses (Fall 2020):

  • AE 4040 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  •  AE 4071 Rotorcraft Aeromechanics
  • AE 4080 Aerothermodynamics
  •  AE 4376 Accident Causation and System Safety
  •  AE 4580 Introduction to Avionics Integration
  • AE 4791 Mechanical Behavior of Composites
  • AE 4803 Planetary Spacecraft Development (only 1 semester of this course may be counted as an AE Option)
  • AE 4803 Advanced Aircraft Propulsion
  • AE 4803 Robotics and Autonomy

Courses which are either new or only taught periodically (Fall 2020)

  • AE 6060 Aeroacoustics
  • AE 6393 Introduction to System of Systems Engineering Principles
  • AE 6503 Helicopter Stability and Control
  • AE 8803 Advanced Aerodynamics for Vertical Lift
  • AE 8803 Optimization-Based Learning Control and Games
A Message for GRAs and GTAs
The following message from Prof. Mitchell Walker, associate chair for Graduate Studies, was updated March 23:

Graduate Students and Postdocs:  ALL research on campus is to stop by 5 p.m. on Thursday (March 19, 2020).  Work with your faculty advisor to coordinate your off-campus research activity.  Your faculty research advisor will contact you if you are allowed to continue your on-campus research activities beyond March 19, 2020.

Graduate Teaching Assistants: You need to be available to work with your course instructor the week of Monday, March 23, to prepare for remote instruction starting Monday, March 30, and thereafter to remotely support the delivery of this instruction. Work with the course instructor and your faculty advisor to confirm your plans.

The AE academic office will use a variety of means to connect with both undergraduate and graduate students. Here are some ways that you can expect to connect with us.

  • Email: You can still directly email the advising staff to process permits, forms, and petitions and to ask routine questions.
  • Phone: Call us with your advising or other questions.
    • Kamaria Richards: 404-894-3471
    • Chris Lundy: 404-385-1595
    • Brittany Hodges: 404-894-3433
  • Canvas: Use Canvas to receive course information
    and communicate directly with your instructors
  • Blue Jeans: Use Blue Jeans to conduct video-conference
    advising or online learning
  • Buzzport/GradesFirst: Undergraduates, please make your advising appointments through GradesFirst, which is in your Buzzport account.  You can reach out to either advisor, but here are the preferred contacts according to your last name.


Connect with Other AE Resources

* employees who do not fall into this category should contact the AE HR Coordinator to discuss possible options