Safety First: Fall 2020 @GT-AE


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As the AE School and the Institute prepare for a safe return to campus in the Fall of 2020, we will post news, updates, and tips that will help our students navigate that return, starting with these summaries of the July 30 AE Undergraduate Town Hall (pdf) and the July 30 AE Graduate Town Hall (pdf). If you were not able to attend, there is some very useful information in these presentations.

Please note that most, if not all, of the information on this page will be sent to you by advisors or will appear in the AErial View.

Phase II Registration Starts August 1

Time tickets will be emailed to students Friday, July 31. Phase II Registration starts the next day. Below is a list of courses that have been added to the Aerospace Engineering School's Fall 2020 semester offerings. The courses in bold have a significant number of seats open right now. Some of these are new, so you may want to find out about them.  You can find out more about all of the courses by visiting some of the links in the Registration Fall 2020 box, to the right.

Research for Credit Opportunities

Undergraduate Listings

o    AE 4040 Computational Fluid Dynamics

o    AE 4071 Rotorcraft Aeromechanics

o    AE 4080 Aerothermodynamics

o    AE 4580 Introduction to Avionics Integration

o    AE 4791 Mechanical Behavior of Composites

o    AE 4803-PLD Planetary Spacecraft Development (only 1 semester of this course may be counted as an AE Option)

o    AE 4803-PRO Advanced Aircraft Propulsion

o    AE 4803-ROB Robotics and Autonomy

o    AE 4803-SAL Accident Causation and System Safety

Fall 2020 Graduate Course Listings

These are either new courses or courses that are not frequently taught.

o    AE 6060 Aeroacoustics

o    AE 6343 Aircraft Design I (should take AE 6383 concurrently)

o    AE 6383 Applied Design Laboratory (should take AE 6343 concurrently)

o    AE 6393 Introduction to System of Systems Engineering Principles

o    AE 6503 Helicopter Stability and Control

o    AE 6551 Cognitive Engineering

o    AE 8803-RAL Advanced Aerodynamics for Vertical Lift

o    AE 8803-TSI Mathematical Principles of Planning and Decision Making for Autonomy

o    AE 8803-VAM Optimization-Based Learning Control and Games

o    AE 8803-SCW Smart Cities Workshop

MSAE Distance Learning Courses

  • The School of Aerospace Engineering has always offered online graduate courses through its Distance Learning Program. Click here to see what courses are available during the Fall 2020 semester.
  • Distance Learning ("Q") are only open to Distance Learning students.
  • Find out more about the Aerospace Engineering Distance Learning Program