AE Graduates: Join Us for a Recognition Ceremony

AE Graduation photos

Join the Aerospace Engineering School
for an Online Recognition Ceremony for
the Class of 2021

The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering will be celebrating the accomplishments of the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021 in two online ceremonies.  If you are a Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021 graduate, you are welcome to attend the virtual or the in-person or both ceremonies.

Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021 BS, MS, and PhD graduates are invited to attend, please join us:

Undergraduate Students: Friday, May 7 at 11 a.m. (EST)


Graduate Students (MS and PhD): Saturday, May 8 at 11 a.m. (EST)



What do AE degree candidates need to do?

Template #3: Fill out YOUR slide template so we can recognize you during the Virtual Recognition ceremonies.

If you are on schedule to graduate, and you want to participate in the Virtual  Recognition Ceremony, you need to download and complete one of the four graduation templates (see below) and return it to the appropriate dropbox by Friday, April 30 by 11 pm (EST). That slide will be used by us to announce your name during the Virtual Recognition Ceremony.

Step 1: Download and fill out ONE of the following templates:

  1. YOUR NAME - A slide with just your first and last name .
  2. YOUR NAME & PHOTO - A slide with your name and a photo of your choosing
  3. YOUR NAME, PHOTO, & ACCOMPLISHMENTS - A slide with your name,  photo, and selected honors or accomplishments.
  4. YOUR NAME, PHOTO, ACCOMPLISHMENTS & QUOTE - A slide with all of the above, plus a brief quote

Step 2: Follow and complete the template instructions below: 

  1. Please select and complete just one template, following the suggested length for text and photo size.

  2. Tell us how to pronounce your name by giving us a phonetic spelling in the notes section of your slide.
    e.g. "Soo-zan Jawn-sun" if your name is  Susan Johnson
  3. Save the template using the following file naming convention: “Last name, first name - and degree type"
    e.g. "Doe, Jane -BS" or "Doe, John -MS" or "Smith, Mary- PhD"
  4. Once you have named your slide file, upload it to the appropriate dropbox, below:
All Slides are due by 4 pm on Friday, April 30, 2021.
(You do not need to have a dropbox account to use this dropbox)
Template #3: This is an example of the slides that we will show during the Virtual Recognition ceremonies. Fill yours out and send it soon.


How will we celebrate online?

All of the AE School's Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021 degree candidates will be individually recognized during an online ceremony that will be streamed to friends, family members, alumni and future employers around the globe. Using BlueJeans to open up the ceremony to all interested parties, we will have opening remarks from the AE School Chair, Prof. Mark Costello, a special graduation speaker, and, most importantly, the public pronouncement of all the degree candidates. A video will be compiled that will be made available after the ceremony.

NOTE: This ceremony will celebrate a milestone, but a degree is formally conferred only after the Registrar has done a final audit of your degree requirements.