The MSAE Distance Learning Program

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The MSAE Distance Learning Program

For highly qualified individuals whose career, family, or other life commitments make on-campus coursework impractical, the AE Distance Learning Program (DLP) offers a great opportunity to earn a master's degree.

As a Distance Learning student

  • you will apply to the Distance Learning Program and be held to the same academic and research standards as your on-campus cohorts,
  • you will participate in classes with on-campus students using streaming video and other electronic platforms,
  • you will maintain contact with the instructor via email, online discussion apps, and phone,
  • you can accommodate your work schedule by taking just one or two classes per semester,
  • you will have two academic advisors to guide you: the academic program manager will be your academic advisor throughout the,program. During the last semester of studies, you will be assigned a faculty advisor to work on your AE 8900 research project,
  • you will be required to pursue a Non-Thesis MS degree (the Thesis option is not available for the DLP).

Regardless of the location of your residence, you will pay tuition and fees that are commensurate with out-of-state students. Find out more.

What are the credit requirements for a Distance Learning student?

  • The following chart summarizes the particulars of the 33 credit-hour requirement for master's students. As a DL student you must follow the Non-Thesis track.  DL students are not eligible for the MS Thesis option.

What courses are offered through the Georgia Tech Distance Learning Program?

  • Each semester, the School offers a range of in-demand graduate classes, composed to accommodate the anticipated demand as well as the required sequencing of different subject matter. Here is a list of the DLP courses that are typically taught during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

What if there's an AE course I want to take that's not on the list of offered courses?

  • Students may petition the School to add an AE graduate course to the list of DLP courses offered during any given semester. If a sufficient number of DLP students request the course, and the petition has been submitted in time, the School will make every effort to offer the course. Here's a list of DLP courses that have been taught by petition or request.