Georgia Institute of Technology

AE Building Management


Most AE-related facilities are located near one another and have a mail code of  0150. The Montgomery Knight  building has a street address of  270 Ferst Drive.




Montgomery Knight
Houses main offices of School on the 3rd floor; faculty offices; computer lab, research and instructional labs, the machine shop, and the instrument lab
Houses faculty offices, classrooms, the Georgia Space Grant Consortium, the Loewy Library, and the Harper Wind Tunnel
SSTC (Weber)
2nd & 3rd floors
Houses faculty offices, research labs, Aerospace Systems Design Lab, Space Systems Design Lab, Collaborative Visual Environment (CoDE) and CoDEfd
ESM Building
Houses graduate student offices, faculty offices, and research labs. 
Ben T. Zinn Combustion Lab
Houses major combustion research labs; located on North Ave.

Building management is coordinated by the administrative manager located in Knight 311 but is carried out by personnel from Georgia Tech Facilities. The following contacts should be used:

Buzz Card Access to AE Buildings

Request Access:

If you are an AE student or are enrolled in an AE or cross-listed course taught by an AE professor, you will automatically be given Buzz Card access shortly after registration closes at the start of the term.

Other requests for Buzz Card access should be sent to or left at the office of the assistant to the chair  in Montgomery Knight 311. You must submit your request on a special NEW FORM available here . Allow at least one business day to process.

Report Problems

If you encounter a problem using your Buzz Card to access an AE building, here are the steps to troubleshoot your problem:

  • Record when and what door you are trying to access (be specific).
  • Record the status light on the card reader when you swipe your card: Steady red means your card is not being read; if flashing red-green means your card is being read but you do not have permission; if flashing green, you have access and the door should unlock.
  • Leave this information along with (a) your name, (b) your GTID, (c) your Buzz Card number (on the back near the magnetic stripe), and (d) your GT email address with the AE administrative manager in Montgomery Knight 311.

If we cannot resolve the matter, it will be forwarded to the GT Police department IT staff. Incomplete information may result in no action.

hpep lab

image description

Prof. Mitchell Walker in the High-Power Electric Propulsion Lab