Sandia National Labs: Career Information Session

Fri Apr 20 2018 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Montgomery Knight, Room 317
Reps from Sandia National Lab will be at Georgia Tech to talk with students and faculty about research and career opportunities

You are invited to an

Open House

with reps from

Sandia National Laboratories

Faculty are invited to find out about new or continued collaborations with this renowned research lab.

Students are invited to bring their resumes for consideration for internships and jobs at Sandia National Labs

Why Sandia National Labs?

Georgia Tech has a strong history with SNL:
• 191 alum/269 degrees at Sandia (excluding interns)
• $7.6M of research contract collaborations (FY13 - FY17)
• 5+ years of distinguished faculty from Sandia and GT on 8 advisory boards for materials, nanodevices and microsystems, engineering sciences, computational science, industrial systems engineering, and more
• Academic Alliance MOU signed in June 2015
• Complimentary office space at GT for on-campus managers and visiting Sandians
• Umbrella CRADA completed with GTARC (for GTRI)
• Non-residential tuition waivers for up to 10 Sandia employees ($202K value)
• GT “Faculty Fellow” liaison Chip White (Industrial and Systems Engineering) at Sandia since October 2017



Montgomery Knight, Room 317