Georgia Institute of Technology

Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory

Ahn, Byung-Ho SST/Weber 306A 404.894.7779
Research Engineer II
byung.ahn AT
Burdette, Graham SST/Weber 320 404.385.2789
Research Engineer I
graham.burdette AT
Carroll, Loretta SST/Weber 301B 404.894.3343
Academic Assistant II
loretta.carroll AT
Danielson, Mark SST/Weber 2E 404.385.2645
System Support Specialist II
mark.danielson AT
Denney, Russell SST/Weber 314D 404.385.6214
Research Engineer II
russell.denney AT
Douglas, Rebecca SST/Weber 323 404.385.3381
Research Engineer I
rebecca.douglas AT
Dufresne, Stephane SST/Weber 308 404.385.2781
Research Engineer II
sd142 AT
Garcia, Elena SST/Weber 311 404.385.2791
Research Engineer II
elena.garcia AT
Halsey, Megan SST/Weber 300 404.385.7708
Research Associate I
megan.halsey AT
Hollingsworth, Peter SST/Weber 323 404.894.2776
Research Engineer II
peter.hollingworth AT
Kelly, Kristin SST/Weber 323 404.385.4252
Research Engineer I
kristin.kelly AT
Kirby, Michelle SST/Weber 322 404.385.2780
Research Engineer II
michelle.kirby AT
Latham, Ralph SST/Weber 309 404.894.6867
Research Engineer II
ralph.latham AT
Lee, Youngki SST/Weber 320 404.385.2789
Postdoctoral Fellow
yl49 AT
Leurck, Ryan SST/Weber 321B 404.894.7509
Research Engineer II
ryan.leurck AT
Lewe, Jung-Ho SST/Weber 313A 404.385.6713
Research Engineer II
jungho.lewe AT
Li, Yongchang SST/Weber 313A 404.385.6713
Research Engineer II AT
Liu, Zhimin SST/Weber 314B 404.894.7777
Research Engineer II
zhimin.liu AT
Mavris, Dimitri SST/Weber 301A 404.894.1557
and Boeing Professor of Advanced Aerospace Systems Analysis
dimitri.mavris AT
Moodie, Alex SST/Weber 208 404.385.2781
Research Engineer II
alex.moodie AT
Nam, Taewoo SST/Weber 320 404.385.2789
Research Engineer II
taewoo.nam AT
Pfaender, Jens Holger SST/Weber 315 404.385.2786
Research Engineer II
holger.pfaender AT
Raczynski, Chris SST/Weber 321B 404.385.2790
Research Engineer II
chrisr AT
Ran, Hongjun SST/Weber 320 404.385.2789
Research Engineer II
hongjun.ran AT
Soban, Danielle SST/Weber 306 404.385.2779
Senior Research Engineer
danielle.soban AT
Tai, Jimmy SST/Weber 301C 404.894.0197
Senior Research Engineer
jimmy.tai AT
Vega-Holthaus, Marisol Weber/SST 300 404.385.7709
Program Manager
marisol AT
Weston, Neil SST/Weber 303 404.385.2644
Research Engineer II
neil.weston AT
Yang, Ping Weber/SST 320 404.385.2789
Postdoctoral Fellow
py5 AT

hpep lab

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Prof. Mitchell Walker in the High-Power Electric Propulsion Lab