Georgia Institute of Technology

Faculty Profile

Narayanan M. Komerath


Office: Guggenheim 353
Phone: 404.894.3017


  • B.Tech, Aeronautical Engineering, 1978, Indian Institute of Technology
  • M.S., Aerospace Engineering (Propulsion), 1979, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering (Turbulent Combustion), 1982, Georgia Institute of Technology


Dr. Komerath has 3 US Patents and over 250 publications, and guided 15 PhDs, of whom 3 have won GIT’s Outstanding PhD Thesis (top 1%) Award. He has guided over 120 undergraduates and 50+ MS candidates in research projects, and served as project director for over 100 externally sponsored projects. He has served as Fellow of the NASA Institute of Advanced Concepts, Boeing A.D. Welliver Faculty Fellow, Sam Nunn Senior Security Fellow and Hesburgh Teaching Fellow, and as 2008-09 Chair of the Aerospace Division of the American Society for Engineering Education. He is a member of the AIAA Economics Technical Committee, the American Helicopter Society’s Aerodynamics Technical Committee, and the ASEE’s Aerospace Engineering and Energy Conservation and Conversion Division executive committees.


Experimental Aerodynamics, Micro Renewable Energy Systems, Advanced Concepts.

Honors and Distinctions

  • Associate Fellow of the AIAA
  • Fellow of the NASA Institute of Advanced Concepts
  • Boeing A.D. Welliver Summer Faculty Fellowship in 2004
  • Senior Sam Nunn Security Fellow in the School of International Affairs, 2004-06
  • Hesburgh Teaching Fellow at Georgia Tech, 2005
  • Most Valuable Professor in Aerospace Engineering, 1991
  • Leadership Award for Development of Graduate Research Assistants 1993
  • Sigma Xi 1993-94 Faculty Best Paper Award
  • Georgia Tech Award for Outstanding Ph.D.Thesis Advisor for the period 1992-97
  • Chair of the Aerospace Division of the American Society for Engineering Education
  • Selected Publications

  • Komerath, N.M., Smith, M.J., “Rotorcraft Wake Modeling: Past, Present and Future”. Proceedings of the European Rotorcraft Forum, Hamburg, Germany, Setpember 2009.
  • Komerath, N., “A Campus-Wide Course on Micro Renewable Energy Systems”. Proceedings of the ASEE National Conference, College Park, TX June 2009.
  • Komerath, N., Venkat, V., Fernandez, J., “Near-Millimeter Wave Issues for a Space Power Grid”. Paper 2009-081, Proceedings of the SPESIF Conference, American Physical Society, Huntsville, AL, February 2009.
  • Komerath, N.M., Nally, J., Tang, E.Z., “Policy Model for Space Economy Infrastructure” Acta Astronautica, Vol. 61(2007)11-12, p. 1066-1075
  • Gregory, J., Sullivan J., Wanis, S., Komerath, N., “Pressure-sensitive paint as a distributed optical microphone array,” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 119(1), 251-261, 2006
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    Prof. Mitchell Walker in the High-Power Electric Propulsion Lab